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Bupropion for depression in uk psychiatrists Dr. H. Hsu, a psychiatrist who Buy viagra 50mg uk has been involved in the creation of Bupropion canada drug pharmacy free shipping for Depression (BPD) medication, and who authored the article in this issue of Psychopharmacology, which supports the claims that drug is effective as a first-line treatment for BPD, suggests that there may be several reasons why the drug might not be effective as a treatment for BPD. Dr. Hsu's study used data from a small pilot study, which may have contributed to the underreporting of effects Bupropion in the published study. "My concern is that clinicians may simply be choosing not to use Bupropion because they are not confident in the effects of drug," Dr. Hsu told Psychiatric News. "This may simply be because Bupropion is not well known and there are also other more successful antidepressant drugs currently on the market that are also effective for BPD. If Bupropion were to become well-known it would likely be more widely prescribed." Dr. Hsu said that this issue of Psychiatric News is unusual for a major medical publication to highlight this issue, as it was not included in the main text. "The concern in my research was the reporting of adverse events," he added. Other studies on the use of Bupropion for depression have suggested that Bupropion is as effective the antidepressant medications in treatment of BPD. fact, the World Federation of Societies Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) published an article in April this year which it concluded that the research was in good scientific standing. The article noted that "a small group of Bupropion trials involving depressed outpatients did report improvement in the major depression domain [i.e., depressive symptoms]. However, these small, pilot clinical trials were underpowered and many important potential biases remained to be explored." "The main concern in my research was the reporting of adverse effects." In November 2013, a European Committee of Medical Editors (CME) published a study (which was included in the abstract of article this issue Psychopharmacology) that focused on the safety of Bupropion—in particular, possibility that "patients and clinicians alike may be making suboptimal use of Bupropion." It noted that there were also some limitations to the CME's research. In response to these concerns, a new study on Bupropion for depression was recently published (which also included in the presentation from FPP conference) in the International Journal of Psychiatry in which researchers reviewed 11 placebo-controlled trials—five trials of Bupropion and six placebo—that compared to other antidepressants or a placebo in patients who met DSM IV-TR criteria for Bipolar I Disorder. The clinical research team identified five major safety concerns: the need to make sure that the Bupropion or placebo treatment was effective in treating the depressive symptoms; need to report adverse effects in case trials; data collection problems; and the need for additional research before Bupropion could be recommended for first-line treatment. The authors of new study identified some major limitations to the study data in several ways. For example, they note that although several major safety issues were identified, one of the limitations, which they cite as a very strong finding, was the large proportion of placebo-controlled studies that did not include a placebo for patients. "This suggests that patient reports of effectiveness are a more reliable indicator of effect than are the patient outcomes on which many of the other placebo-controlled trials relied," authors write. More research is needed before we can be confident in recommending Bupropion for the treatment of treatment-resistant depression, Dr. Hsu acknowledged. "If Bupropion were shown to be better than placebo, we would consider changing our prescribing guidelines on the basis of this new evidence." In the present study, authors point out that in some of the trials which Bupropion was compared to placebo, patients receiving Bupropion had higher rates of response compared with placebo-treated patients but that the effect size for Bupropion was "small," and the positive results were limited to trials with adequate sample sizes. This finding, however, is in line with previous studies (see sidebar, page 31. Despite these limitations, the authors provide strong evidence that there is considerable clinical evidence from small, placebo-controlled trials that Bupropion is a superior antidepressant compared with placebo and that it is highly effective in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder with a high risk of depressive relapse. They conclude that "Bupropion is an antidepressant with efficacy in adults major depressive disorder with a highly significant risk of recurrence after brief therapy," especially for this population that does not respond to aripiprazole or sertraline.

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